INFRADREAMS LTD is a multinational company focused on sustainable and impactful solutions related to infrastructure, waste management, improving local living conditions and youth development. The company was established in Finland in 2019. Company offices are in Helsinki, Finland and in Akwa Ibom State, Uyo, Nigeria. The company's mission is to solve infrastructure related challenges in Nigeria with Finnish and European technology and knowledge. The main focus is on waste management and the company is aiming to be part of solving the rapidly growing country's waste challenges by offering the most optimal solutions for the region. The company's infrastructure knowledge is always up to date which enables them to offer you the best quality service and solutions.

Benjamin Brade

Aleksi Akpaso


Frank Akpaso



Infradreams' story started on 2019, when the founder & CEO Aleksi Akpaso had came across various problems related to different sectors of infrastructure during his visits in Nigeria. After years of observing the country and figuring out which solutions would be the most impactful for the economy and its people, the founders Benjamin Brade and Aleksi Akpaso started putting their ideas together and established the company in Finland. Few months later the CEO travelled to Nigeria and had meetings with different local organizations and companies to see the general interest and demand for new technological solutions in the infrastructure field. It turned out that the local companies and organizations were very welcoming and eager in doing cooperation with the company. In the end of 2019 the founders travelled to Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State, Uyo to explore the market more specifically and to make deeper analysis on the feasibility of the solutions. A team was put together and Infradreams Nigeria LTD was established. The environment in Nigeria has its own challenges, but thanks to our great local team and its leader manager Frank Akpaso, who have had a great impact along the way of making the company's vision put in action.

The demand for new solutions especially in the infrastructure field in Nigeria is huge since the 6th most populated country in the world has had difficulties in keeping up the development of the economy in line with the massive growth of population. The equipment and the knowledge for the solutions are not always available locally in Nigeria, which is why Infradreams felt so strongly that their expertise, knowledge and contacts allow them to find the right solutions for their customers.

Currently Infradream's young and motivated teams both in Nigeria and in Finland are working hard towards fulfilling the mission of Infradreams LTD. The company wants to offer their customers the best quality service and solutions for their needs. The team in Finland is making sure that their infrastructure knowledge is always up to date which allows them to offer the best solutions for their customers. The key agendas of the company are helping foreign companies in expanding their business to Nigeria, offering job opportunities for the local youths, helping local companies in finding the best solutions and educating them on how to use the technology, having a positive impact directly or indirectly on the lives of the people, environment and the development of the region.

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Our mission is to create a positive impact by providing solutions that improve citizens' living conditions and companies efficiency economically.